Beginner Python Lessons

We hope you will enjoy these courses as they become increasingly more challenging overtime. It is crucial that you internalize the basic concepts by repetition and practice.

Beginner Python Exercises offer a great way to get your feet wet in the beginning of this journey. They are free, online and interactive.

Below, you can find Python beginner lessons awaiting you. When you’re ready, you can also visit the intermediate level lessons.

Online Python Lessons

Choose the topics you'd like to learn from our extensive lesson list.

Lesson 1: print()   |   Expected time: 4 minutes

Lesson 2: Variables   |   Expected time: 9 minutes

Lesson 3: Data Types   |   Expected time: 10 minutes

Lesson 4: Type Conversion   |   Expected time: 12 minutes

Lesson 5: Data Structures   |   Expected time: 22 minutes

Lesson 6: Lists   |   Expected time: 35 minutes

Lesson 7: Tuples   |   Expected time: 14 minutes

Lesson 8: Dictionaries   |   Expected time: 23 minutes

Lesson 9: Strings   |   Expected time: 25 minutes

Lesson 10: len()   |   Expected time: 5 minutes

Lesson 11: .sort()   |   Expected time: 8 minutes

Lesson 12: .pop() method  |   Expected time: 7 minutes

Lesson 13: input()   |   Expected time: 6 minutes

Lesson 14: range()   |   Expected time: 8 minutes

Lesson 15: Error Handling   |   Expected time: 9 minutes

Lesson 16: Defining Functions   |   Expected time: 15 minutes

Lesson 17: Slicing   |   Expected time: 11 minutes

Lesson 18: Python Operators   |   Expected time: 11 minutes

If you’re getting comfortable with Python syntax and want to discover some practical applications via tutorials feel free to visit the Holy Python main page.


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Python Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Simple builtin Python functions and fundamental concepts.

Intermediate Lessons

More builtin Python functions and slightly heavier fundamental coding concepts.

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Python concepts that let you apply coding in the real world generally implementing multiple methods.

Python Exercises

Beginner Exercises

Basic Python exercises that are simple and straightforward.

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Slightly more complex Python exercises.

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Project-like Python exercises to connect the dots and prepare for real world tasks.