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Beginner Python Exercises

Here are some enjoyable Python Exercises!

We strive to offer a plethora of Python exercises so you can internalize the concepts we explain through the lessons. 

Also, these exercises are not meant to be one-time only resources and the more you practice the more you will achieve better focus, better understanding and flow state of mind. 

Interactive Python Exercises

Choose the topics you'd like to practice from our extensive exercise list.

Exercise 1: print()   |   (3)
Exercise 2: Variables    |   (2)
Exercise 3: Data Types    |   (4)
Exercise 4: Type Conversion    |   (8)
Exercise 5: Data Structures    |   (6)
Exercise 6: Lists    |   (14)
Exercise 7: Tuples    |   (8)
Exercise 8: Dictionaries    |   (11)
Exercise 9: Strings    |   (14)
Exercise 10: len()    |   (5)
Exercise 11: .sort()    |   (7)
Exercise 12: .pop()    |   (3)
Exercise 13: input()    |   (6)
Exercise 14: range()    |   (5)
Exercise 15: Error Handling    |   (7)
Exercise 16: Defining Functions    |   (9)
Exercise 17: Slicing    |   (8)
Exercise 18: Python Operators    |   (6)

If you struggle with any of the exercises, you can always refer to the Beginner Python Lessons.

If you’d like to challenge yourself with the next level Python exercises check out the Intermediate Python Exercises we’be prepared for you.

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Python Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Simple builtin Python functions and fundamental concepts.

Intermediate Lessons

More builtin Python functions and slightly heavier fundamental coding concepts.

Advanced Lessons

Python concepts that let you apply coding in the real world generally implementing multiple methods.

Python Exercises

Beginner Exercises

Basic Python exercises that are simple and straightforward.

Intermediate Exercises

Slightly more complex Python exercises.

Advanced Exercises

Project-like Python exercises to connect the dots and prepare for real world tasks.

Thank you for checking out our Python programming content. All of the Python lessons and exercises we provide are free of charge. Also, majority of the Python exercises have an online and interactive interface which can be helpful in the early stages of learning computer programming.

However, we do recommend having a local Python setup on your computer as soon as possible. Anaconda is another free distribution and an comes as a complete package with lots of libraries and useful software (such as Spyder IDE and Jupyter Notebook) You can check out this: simple Anaconda installation tutorial.