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Turtle Tutorials with Examples

Python Turtle Tutorials

Python Turtle Tutorials

Turtle is a native drawing library in Python and a fantastic way to have some fun or learn coding. In this tutorial we will share various turtle resources, simple yet fun turtle tutorials as well as more advanced turtle drawing patterns. We will also explain why turtle can be a fantastic tool for learning (or teaching) fundamental programming concepts.

Baby Steps:

Turtle is very simplistic and it’s quite easy to start working with it. Basic steps to start drawing with turtle can be summarized as below:

  1. import turtle: import turtle
  2. move: turtle.forward(50)
  3. turn right: turtle.right(90)
  4. move again: turtle.forward(50)
  5. turn left: turtle.left(90)

You can hit the ground running with turtle in Python but we’re going to introduce a few more basic turtle tutorials, advanced features and inspirational turtle drawings as well.

Turtle History:

Turtle was part of a programming language called Logo which was found in 1967. Since those years Turtle drawing became a sensation and continues to inspire computer programming learners from different backgrounds.

Below we have some interesting Turtle drawing tutorials with Python code.

Python Turtle Drawing Examples

Here are some Python turtle drawing examples. These examples are great for some coding fun but they can also be very helpful for programming practice.

For example, our rotating geometric shapes or drawing spirals examples involve constructing Python Loops which is a very fundamental core programming topic every beginner coder can benefit from practicing.


More Turtle Tutorials

Furthermore, our Turtle Tutorials build up nicely.

For example, you can start with this star drawing tutorial

Every teacher can spice up their syllabus with these fun turtle tutorials which not only stimulates brain’s visual cortex but also reinforces learning with awesome dopamine releases.

Here is a scientific article about dopamine’s roles on learning published on Nature Neuroscience by scientists Arif A Hamid1, Jeffrey R Pettibone et al on University of Pennsylvania website. 

Based on their findings:“There is extensive evidence that dopamine affects learning, especially the reinforcement of actions that produce desirable results.”

And work your way up to this constellation tutorial, learning and/or practicing significant programming concepts along the way.

If you are an experienced programmer you can still have some fun with these tutorials guilt-free! Or maybe you can improve them or give your own personal twist.

If you need more documentation turtle library’s official documentation can be helpful too.


Almost every major web service has an API today. Google, Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Ebay, Expedia just to name a few.

You can get some geometric shape ideas in the Wikipedia article below. Drawing these shapes with Python’s turtle library would be tremendous fun for analytical minds.

Although turtle seems very simple, its basic drawing commands can be used to create rather complex design patterns and it can be very beneficial to play with turtle in terms of learning Python coding.

Here is a turtle article we’ve created to explain which fundamental programming topics you can cover using turtle.

Furthermore, you can combine the idea of drawing patterns or geometric shapes with loop concept in computer programming. Loops are very fundamental structures in any coding language and they can be used to automate tasks and repeat coding operations for many many times.

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In this Python Tutorial we have learned about turtle library of Python. We have demonstrated a number of Turtle tutorials that can be used to learn drawing with turtle, main computer programming concepts and create fun design patterns or even pictures.