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Python Scripting Tutorials & Script Examples

Python Script Tutorials


  1. Introduction
  2. What is scripting?
    • What can I do with scripting?
    • Common scripting languages
  3. Python Scripting Tutorial
    • Is Python good for scripting?
  4. Python Script Examples
  5. Resources
  6. Event Scheduler
  7. Summary

Scripting is a very smart and useful programming discipline but its terms can also be confusing and mystifying.

I’m going to explain you the basics of scripting so you never get confused about this topic again. We also have example scripts that will suit your learning very well.

One myth is that you have to be a very experienced or advanced programmer. This is not true and you can pick up scripting very quickly if you learn just the basics of a programming language like Python. You can always continue learning along the journey.

What is scripting?

Script is a piece of code that’s used to automate system oriented tasks. When you write code that carries out a practical task without needing compiling this can be called scripting.

Scripts are usually written in high-level languages such as Python, Perl or even PowerShell.

Scripting as a term can be confusing because it’s very broad.  Scripting can also be done in different environments such as servers, operating systems, apps, games, websites, software and even in other languages or command line.

What can I do with scripting?

  • Automation is a big one.
  • Use as a glue language. (Glue language means operating another language with a piece of code in a more convenient language.) So, basically when you write a piece of Python code to execute tasks on an operating system like Windows or on a server, you’d be using Python as a glue language.
  • GUI scripting. Not to be confused with GUI programming or creating GUIs. GUI scripting is when you use or manipulate a program through its graphical user interface via scripting. When you press buttons, send keys or mouse clicks, tab presses etc. this can be considered GUI scripting. There are also pixel level GUI scripting practices which evaluate and understand the GUI at pixel level and operates accordingly. I.e.: clicking green buttons.

What are common scripting languages?

Most of the commonly used and high level languages can be considered as scripting languages. Most used ones are:

  • Python
  • Perl
  • Java
  • Javascript (name checks)
  • VBA
  • Ruby
  • Php
  • Julia
  • PowerShell and Command Prompt
  • Linux & MacOS Terminals (bash, sh, zsh…)

Python Scripting Tutorial

Scripting is a very common practice among Python programmers. It’s used for automation of daily tasks, reporting, server management, security, social media management, business growth and development, financial trading, automating software and many other intelligent solutions.

Is Python good for scripting?

Python is not just good for scripting it’s perfect for scripting.

  • Easy entry: Python has a very simple and enjoyable syntax which makes it relatively easy to learn compared to most other languages. Also there are vast free resources to learn Python anytime anywhere.
  • Rich libraries: Rich libraries means higher specialization and maturity for a programming language. With so many great libraries you can focus on getting the tasks done and not have to build everything from scratch. For instance, if you want to create a GUI you don’t have to write a GUI library first, there are already great options (tkinter, pysimplegui, pyqt, kivy etc.), if you want to work with images you don’t have to write the whole thing from scratch there is already PIL, if you are working on a mathematical model you don’t have to build the whole math equations from ground up, you can use numpy and scipy etc. There is a library for pretty much every significant field as of today.
  • Community support: If you struggle or hit a bottleneck, there will be almost instant free support thanks to the millions of coders and contributors in the Python programming community.
  • Language interoperability: Python can conveniently interact with other programming languages, operating systems and existing software. This makes it highly convenient for scripting.
Python Script Example - Sending Tweets

Python Scripting Resources

You can also check out this informative article about Python language from scripting perspective.

Event Scheduler Python Code

Event Scheduling can be a big part of scripting. When you’re automating tasks you may want the operating system to run your script at given intervals or preset times. Here is a tutorial about how to schedule tasks with Python.


We have explained scripting and how it can be done with Python. We have also shared a few scripting examples that can inspire Python learners.

Engaging in practices like scripting makes learning a programming language more meaningful, engaging and fun.

That’s why after you gain the basic Python skills through Python lessons and Python exercises we suggest you start testing your skills with Python tutorials without losing any time to bridge the gaps between theory and practice. You can always continue learning concurrently and make it a lifelong pursuit.