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Python API Tutorials: API Examples

Python API Tutorials

API Tutorial

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it signifies the programming interface for interactions between different platforms such as software, apps or websites.

Today with the rise of cloud technology, websites, e-commerce and online services API became dominantly web related.

We’re going to show you how to access APIs with Python just in a few minutes using a couple of different technologies and a little bit of coding.

You can also find a number of API examples on this page. They are fun and interesting.

You can learn a lot from programming and using API and they can be very useful for supplementing projects, developing apps, accessing data and even business development.


Almost every major web service has an API today. Google, Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Ebay, Expedia just to name a few.

You can always check out the API of a service you are using to innovate things. Although it’s common for the providers to charge developers for API usage, limited testing access is usually free and you can also find lots of APIs that are completely free. Just make a Google search with your interested keyword and add API. I.e.:

  • Car pictures API
  • Financial data API
  • Toronto crime stats API
  • Water levels API
  • Free weather API

Just to give some ideas.

Here is a video that explains API very well with some restaurant metaphors.


In this Python Tutorial we’ve learned how to access APIs and we have provided lots of API examples.

We have also shared a few ideas about finding relevant APIs.