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Intermediate Python Exercises

Congratulations on finishing the Beginner Python Exercises!

Here are the intermediate exercises. They are slightly more challenging and there are some bulkier concepts for new programmer, such as: List Comprehensions, For Loops, While Loops, Lambda and Conditional Statements.

Interactive Python Exercises

Choose the topics you'd like to practice from our extensive exercise list.

If you need to polish your knowledge, feel free to refer back to the Python Lessons (Intermediate). If you’re looking for something a little more challenging check out our growing Advanced Python Exercises list.

Good luck on this final stretch. Soon you will be a more refined & confident coder and your efforts will start paying off. 

It’s important to stay consistent with coding studies. General motto for language studies is: Practice makes perfect! It’s probably the motto for many other things 🙂

Thank you so much for practicing with

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Python Lessons

Beginner Lessons

Simple builtin Python functions and fundamental concepts.

Intermediate Lessons

More builtin Python functions and slightly heavier fundamental coding concepts.

Advanced Lessons

Python concepts that let you apply coding in the real world generally implementing multiple methods.

Python Exercises

Beginner Exercises

Basic Python exercises that are simple and straightforward.

Intermediate Exercises

Slightly more complex Python exercises about loops, if statement, functions lambda, nested data & more.

Advanced Exercises

Project-like Python exercises to connect the dots and prepare for real world tasks.

Thank you for checking out our Intermediate Python Exercises.