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Advanced Python Lessons

Python Advanced Lessons section is expected to bridge the basic Python knowledge with real world tasks.

Online Python Lessons

Choose the topics you'd like to learn from our extensive lesson list.

Lesson 1: JSON   |   Expected time: 6 minutes
Lesson 2: Web Requests   |   Expected time: 9 minutes
Lesson 3: Try / Except   |   Expected time: 8 minutes
Lesson 4: Classes   |   Expected time: 20 minutes
Lesson 5: Inheritence   |   Expected time: 15 minutes
Lesson 6: Regex (Regular Expressions)   |   Expected time: 25 minutes
Lesson 7: APIs with Python    |   Expected time: 20 minutes
Lesson 8: Files in Python    |   Expected time: 20 minutes
If you struggle with any of these lessons, it might be a good idea to review the Intermediate Python Lessons or even Beginner Python Lessons. A way to make sure you’re confident with your Intermediate or Beginner Python knowledge is to practice and repeat practicing until you completely digest these topics via: Beginner Python ExercisesIntermediate Python Exercises.

Free online PYTHON courses.

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Beginner Lessons

Simple builtin Python functions and fundamental concepts.

Intermediate Lessons

More builtin Python functions and slightly heavier fundamental coding concepts.

Advanced Lessons

Python concepts that let you apply coding in the real world generally implementing multiple methods.

Beginner Exercises

Basic Python exercises that are simple and straightforward.

Intermediate Exercises

Slightly more complicated Python exercises.

Advanced Exercises

Project-like Python exercises to connect the dots and prepare for real world tasks.