Python has a rich selection of built-in functions that can be very useful for a programmer to hit the ground running and write elegant, efficient codes.

Some of our Python lessons overlap with Python functions and there are also lessons which don’t have any built-in Python function and also lessons with multiple functions in them.

So, here is a function list in case you’d like to navigate based on functions instead of lessons.

Python Function List

Function 1: print()

Function 3: int()

Function 4: float()

Function 5: str()

Function 6: list()

Function 7: dict()

Function 8: tuple()

Function 9: .append()

Function 10: .insert()

Function 11: .index()

Function 12: .clear()

Function 13: .remove()

Function 14: .reverse()

Function 15: .count()

Function 16: sum()

Function 17: min()

Function 18: max()

Function 19: .keys()

Function 20: .items()

Function 21: .get()

Function 21: .clear()

Function 22: .copy()

Function 23: .sort()

Function 24: .pop()

Function 26: range()

Function 27: .format()

Function 28: .join()

Function 29: .split()

Function 30: .strip()

Function 31: dir()

Function 32: zip()

Function 33: map()

Function 34: filter()

Function 35: sorted()

Function 36: help()