Python Class Exercises

Let’s check out some exercises that will help understand Classes better.

Exercise 4-a: Simple Class Attributes (name and origin)

A class regarding an imaginary jet inventory is already defined for you. Also an instant of this Jet class is created and assigned to variable first_item.

Print the name of the first_item.

You can call the name attribute with adding it to an instance of the class such as:

Exercise 4-b: Simple attribute (origin)

This time print the origin of the first_item.

Origin attribute can simply be shown as:



Exercise 4-c: Jet Fighter Instances

Create new instances until the sixth item following this order: F14, SU33, AJS37, Mirage2000, Mig29, A10. You can check Hint 1 for the origins.

SU33: Russia
AJS37: Sweden
Mirage2000: France
F14: USA
Mig29: USSR
A10: USA

You can create an instance as following:

first_item=Jet(name, country)

first_item=Jets("F14", "USA")
second_item=Jets("SU33", "Russia")
third_item=Jets("AJS37", "Sweden")
fourth_item=Jets("Mirage2000", "France")
fifth_item=Jets("Mig29", "USSR")
sixth_item=Jets("A10", "USA")

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