As programming becomes more and more mainstream, I’m sure there will be a need for more lifestyle ideas in this space. You can consider this article as one of them.

I’d like to share some of the music ideas that I was able to gather for anyone who wants to explore music for coding. I can almost promise you, you will never run out of music ideas when coding after reading this extensive article. 

I say coding but I can imagine a broad range of professionals benefiting from these ideas such as financiers, quants, doctors, research analysts, scientists, business developers, accountants, entrepreneurs, IB analysts, designers, engineers. etc.

Obviously, music taste can be personal. But here are some tracks that will likely inspire most tech oriented people. You can also use some of the other tracks for relaxation or uplifting your mood as well as just plain vanilla concentration. Music really does help and is known to have an effect on the brain.

The list will be as diversified as possible but it’s impossible to cover everything. I think it’s really distracting to listen to music with lyrics while doing creative or technical work which coding usually is both of those.

Synthwave and Cyberpunk (Space & AI Vibes)

Ex Machina Film Poster

These incredible futuristic tracks are guaranteed to wake up the deadest coder spirit inside you.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Derelicts Incredible for programming

Bunsen Burner – Ex Machina (2015) Wow.. Just wow.

Illum Sphere – Sleeprunner (2013) Legend.

Solar Fields – Insum (2005)

Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death – Oh yeah. Give me some Matrix.

Mega Drive – Converter

Moby – Extreme Ways

Lost Years – Converter

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow – Ava

Deadmau5 – Alone With You

The Midnight – Nocturnal

FatboySlim – Right Here Right Now

Lorn – Acid Rain

Mega Drive – Dataline

The Martian OST – Work The Problem

Cliff Martinez – First Sleep

Dying Light – Horizon

Germind – Consciousness

Mr. Robot – Soundtracks

The Social Network – Soundtrack OST

Blade Runner 2049 – Soundtracks OST

Inception – Soundtracks

Altered Carbon – Soundtracks

Dystopia – A Synthwave Mix – Another Masterpiece

Gone Girl – Ambient Mix

Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – Sea Wall Extended (Long)

Drive – Soundtrack OST – Hella Cool

Ad Astra – Soundtracks

System Shock 2 – Engineering

TimeCop1983 – It was only a dream

Deus Ex – Highland Park Ambient

Mirror’s Edge – Kate

Game Soundtracks (Best kind of nostalgia ever)

Look, if you’re a 90s kid or a millenial or a Gen-Z, chances are high that you’ve played with fantastic soundtracks. 

Furthermore, game music is usually specifically oriented to make you concentrate on missions, so they are perfect for flow state, they have that hypnotic quality.

If you’re looking for game soundtrack from 70s or 80s, that’s a pretty premature era for game music and I’m not sure if anyone would like to listen to 8-bit Super Mario music for hours. However, even for that there might be some options 😉

Here is a fabulous list to lift your spirit up without distracting you. Subconscious and uplifting designed for concentration. Best combination ever so you can focus on creative work.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Trailer Soundtrack – Really great.

Fifa 98 – Blur

France 98 – Tubthumping

Fifa 2002 – Gorillaz

Fifa 2010 – Wavin’ Flag

Half Life 2 – CP Violation

Need for Speed 1 – Get Low

Need for Speed 2- Riders On the Storm

Rollcage – Soundtrack OST

Simcity Soundtrack OST – Perfect tunes to exist to.

Hotline Miami – Soundtrack Playlist: Really nice. I mean mad cool!

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Soundtrack OST: This has really really cool medieval vibes.

Civilization – Soundtrack OST

The Witcher 3 – Soundtrack OST: kindda emotional

Portal – Self Esteem Fund

GTA V – Soundtrack Playlist: West Coast Heist Vibes. Good thing you chose a legal hustle in real life.

Way Older Games: Chiptune Music (8-bit, 16-bit music, Retro Samples): If you really insist in listening to this we won’t stop you either. You do you.

Attention: Some of these tunes are entering the lyrical music territory so that sort of conflicts with the logic we previously presented. However, most of them still have no or very little lyrics and, few of them are extremely uplifting and nostalgic despite the lyrics. So we decided to include a couple like that anyway.

Jazz Cafe (Easy, modern tunes)

Jazz and subgenres such as Cafe Jazz can be incredible companion while coding Python and give you that cafe/bar feeling in case you’re stuck home or somewhere without those kind of vibes.
Serious jazz music can be tiring and especially if it has lyrics it will likely get in your head if you’re like me! But Jazz Cafe is a fantastic laid back alternative that won’t distract much and still make you concentrate and feel happy.
Luckily there is an active channel on Youtube that streams live Jazz Cafe on the daily. Cafe Music BGM Channel. Check it out. They even got multiple live streams going on at the same time such as Chill Jazz, Work Jazz, Friday Jazz variations. We really are living in abundance in modern days.

Chill Hop & Lo-fi (Cool kid music)

If you’re a hip hop fan you might crave for a nice track and it’s great but before you know it you might be checking out lyrics and background stories and then binge watching Tupac – Biggie documentaries on Netflix and coding progress will take a hit. (no pun intended)

Star Trek Meme for Programming Crowd

But there is Chill hop. This genre has crazy cool hiphop vibes and they might take you to a New York park while you’re coding, again without distraction!

Here are a couple of fantastic channels that stream a lot. But feel free to do your own Youtube search.

Hillhop Music Channel

Fantastic Music Channel

Note: If you’re new to Chillhop and Lofi, the mood can vary a lot in these genres so if it’s a sleepy tune make sure to mix things up and find an upbeat track or stream just in case you have a hard time staying awake.

Darkwave, Dark Synth, Postpunk, Goth, Coldwave (Dark Music)

Dark Tunes can be inspiring too depending on the mood/timing. It’s good to mix things up anyway. There are different genres with subtle or big differences. Here are some very original alternatives, get ready for some bizarre stuff:

World Music with lyrics (Oh, but wait!)

Here is another creative idea.

If the lyrics are in a language you find cool but don’t understand well or at all then it will just blend in with the music yet you will still feel the presence of another human being.

Coding can be lonely. Which is why you might prefer music with lyrics which can be distracting in your native tongue. Listening in a language you like but don’t really understand can give you comfort and help you focus at the same time!

So just discover some artists in a language other than your native tongue. Here are some ideas but feel free to explore there are so many original options.

For English speakers: (in no order, shout-out to all of our visitors from every single country in the world).

Also, excuse us if we made a cheesy selection for your country this is merely just to give people some ideas.

Latin Music: Buenos Vista Social Club

Indian Music: Old Hindi Collection (Super cool Himalaya vibes)

French Music: Noir Desir

Israel: Ishay Ribo

Bollywood: Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik (They seem in love, lol)

German: CRO

Algerian: Cheb Mami

Swedish: Laleh

Danish: TopGunn

Turkish: AYA

Japanese: Aimer

Korean: JYP Entertainment

Arabic: Amr Diab

African Vibes: Zamina (catchiest song ever!)

Netherlands: Maan

Brazil: Kaoma

Mongolia: Traditional Throat Singing

Note: If you’re reading this page through translation you may also wanna opt in for music with English lyrics and not find it distracting.

Ambient - Lounge (Elevator Music)

You wouldn’t listen elevator music in a concert but it turns out to be pretty zen in certain occasions, such as, riding the elevator and maybe through concentrated work like coding. It brings hours of bliss and not a single vocal.

Elon Musk Elevator Music Tweet

There are so many options but Ben Pfeifer has a pretty cool Channel that’s worthy to check out. His footage are insane.

Ben Pfeifer – Lounge Music

Chill 2 Chill – Summer Mix 2019

Paris Cafe Ambience – Cafe de Paris – Voulez vous un cafe?

Parisian Patisserie Ambiance with Croissant

If you still run out of ideas after this list, you can always refer to

  • Classical,
  • Contemporary Classical,
  • Dubstep,
  • Tribal Tunes etc.

Alright. That’s it! We hope you liked the list and took away some new ideas. Focused work is exponentially fruitful. And well chosen music can increase your stamina and focus. Just because something’s labeled study music or coding music doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for that purpose for everyone. So this list should help you decide for your own coding, studying or work music.

Enjoy yourself! While coding. 🙂

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