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Lots of major Python packages have instructions to install with Anaconda. It usually goes something like this:

conda install libraryname

Every now and then you will run into packages that should be installed using pip and if you started you Python journey completely with Anaconda this might be confusing. Since Anaconda comes with almost everything a person needs coding Python in the beginning, you might actually continue without touching anything for months or even years.

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to install a package to Anaconda using pip.

Howdoi is an interesting curation package which searches answers to coding queries on the internet and returns the most convenient ones it thinks they are.

Used Where?

  • Installing packages using pip in Anaconda Command Prompt

How to install pip from Anaconda

From howdoi website we can find the following installation instruction:

pip install howdoi

If you go to Anaconda Command Prompt, you can make sure pip is intalled typing following command:

conda install pip

conda install pip (already installed)

How to install packages using pip in Anaconda

At last step, all you need to do is typing pip installation instruction from within Anaconda Command Prompt

pip install howdoi

That’s all it takes to install a Python package via pip from Anaconda Command Prompt. At this point howdoi should be installed.

How to check if a Python package is installed

To check if the installation was successful you can simply launch Python by typing python in Anaconda Command Prompt.

From inside Python following code will list all installed packages:

howdoi package installed in Python

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