1. It’s a beautiful languageSimply put Python is a beautiful, elegant language where you can express yourself in code in a very efficient and straightforward way. Aside of Python’s expressive nature, readability is another trait that comes with Python. 

  2. It has an enormous library. Python libraries are a universe that’s always expanding. Whether it’s computer vision or backtesting the stock prices in NASDAQ, there is guaranteed to be a quality library that suits your needs. And if not you can always create it and serve the Python world. Did you know as of early 2020 Python has approximately 100 very adequate default libraries and almost 200.000 third party libraries?

  3. It can be applied in many domains: Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Finance, Scripting, Medicine, Life Sciences, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Robotics, App Development just to name a few. Google, Instagram, Yahoo and Youtube are just a select few that has been using Python as one of their main programming languages in the products and services they offer.

  4. It has the best community. Python community is full of Pythonistas that make themselves available to help and contribute to the Python community. If you have a specific question just go to Stackoverflow to ask your question and the help and love you receive is usually overwhelming. 

  5. More common than you think. Throughout the years Python grew its popularity exponentially and it sort of became the English of programming languages. You can probably come across Python in 99% of the tech companies in some form today. If your friend is related to coding or computer science in some form chances are he already codes in Python or he is planning to learn it soon.

Bonus points for Python:

  • There is always a demand. Despite its popularity, there is always a demand for Python programmers and this gap doesn’t seem to be closed in any foreseeable future.

  • Programming in Python is deliriously enjoyable. Beauty is one thing and fun is another. Thanks to its magical syntax and features like list comprehensions, slicing, unpacking, generators, inheritence etc. Programming in Python is an incredibly fun experience.

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