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What is DataCamp?

Brief company history

DataCamp is a learning platform and one of the Mooc providers that were founded in 2013. It focuses on analytics and data science training. DataCamp currently has over 350 courses available. They have 270 experts or staff, including tutors from prestigious universities such as Duke University.

Look no further if you’re a student, teacher, or IT expert wishing to improve your data science skills. What should you do first? How much does it cost? Are you going to be certified? The platform’s expert tutors will help you optimize your skills, and DataCamp has the answers.

Do you wish to learn more?

So, without further ado, let’s get into the DataCamp review. DataCamp, the best Mooc for coding, has cutlery for whatever question you have on your plate. Read on!

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Career prospects

DataCamp focuses on data science fields such as Excel, Python, R, and Spreadsheet programs. The courses have been modified to make them more digestible for all students. To complete, they integrate short videos with transitional interactive activities.
If you are a full beginner or have some understanding of data science fields, the DataCamp portal must be having something for you.

DataCamp, Exploring the platform

Figure; DataCamp log in portal

DataCamp Tracks

Track learning programs are available from the DataCamp platform. There are 51 programs on the skills track, such as python programming, and 14 on the career track.

DataCamp Skill Track: This option allows you to choose from various courses to acquire the most expertise for a specific skill. It will show you how to benefit from your studies to focus on the most important training to you. If you want to grasp the Skill track Finance Basics with R, the track includes four lessons from expert teachers totaling 18 hours of lessons.

DataCamp Career Track: Mostly with the Career track, you’ll have access to a wide variety of courses that have already been pre-selected by specialists and are designed to help you prosper in a specific profession. For example, the Career track Python Programmer includes 15-course works from various instructors’ lessons totaling 58 hours.
Please note that after completing a course at DataCamp, you will only receive a certificate of completion. Other platforms, such as Coursera or edX, offer formal credentials.

Figure ; DataCamp Programming Language selections screen

DataCamp for Business and Classroom

DataCamp also operates with enterprises; it has collaborated with over 1,600 firms, with 80% of them using DataCamp to improve their staffs. The goal of DataCamp for Industry is to train everybody within your brand to achieve the best data-driven judgment.

It provides everyone on your squad with convenient online learning. The excellent educators at DataCamp lead interactive classes. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that they have the best tutors available.

Educators can use DataCamp for free. So, what comes next? Apply now to gain access to more than 1200 hours of data science training.

This official website is dedicated to fostering learners and providing them with the data skills they need to succeed in the future. The process is facilitated by allowing them free access to their educators. Educators keep track of the progress of their students. It takes a few days for the portal to be approved—register and Log in today.

Isn’t it crazy? Huh?! However, if you’re a data science teacher who thinks your students would benefit from these interactive courses, DataCamp is for you; check it out here.

Unique features

Why should you choose DataCamp? DataCamp is one-of-a-kind in a variety of ways. Best business packs, web design, and easily accessible with high-quality instructional videos, lessons, and contents are just a few examples.

Furthermore, DataCamp is a fantastic informational website for not only analytics but also data science. A beginner-friendly adaptive code editor is widely available, as shown above. This prospect is ideal for those interested in dipping their toes into data science and specializing in it. Experts, on the other hand, may find it uninteresting.

A journey inside the platform

Figure 3; code Editor on a python module

Pricing and packages ($)

The cost of DataCamp is, of course, determined by the pricing strategy you select. There are a variety of subscription services and plans to choose from.
As a student, you can choose from three plans, each of which includes a free account. The basic account is $25 per month, while the premium account is $33.25 per month. Isn’t this a bargain? Let’s get this ball rolling.

For Businesses

There are two distinct plans accessible on the DataCamp website business plan. First, the professional plan would cost $25 per month for each user. You should have at least five different subscribers to be eligible for this plan. An enterprise plan is the second choice. This option is done on a customizable, case-by-case basis, and pricing can be obtained by contacting.

DataCamp Online

DataCamp recorded a track record of success collaborating with companies such as Uber and eBay to train their employees to be compatible and stay updated with work demands.

Some of the features a business enjoys with DataCamp classes are:-

  • Expert guidance,
  • Specialized learning content,
  • Identifying skill gaps
  • Access SSO
  • It weighs the effect of learning online,

DataCamp offers various online training options for people of all skill levels.

The good news is that you scrap your DataCamp plan anytime but still explore the portal until your selected plan period ends. Amazing! DataCamp is pretty adaptable, they value your time, and their educators do everything they can to meet and exceed your aspirations.

If you don’t have a Frisbee, step over the dog and give this online data science platform a try.

DataCamp Alternatives

For any successful business, there must be competitors in the field. Here comes the comparison between DataCamp and its rivalries.

1- Udacity

There is this Udacity, which has two nanodegree with more than fourteen projects to select. Compared to DataCamp, Udacity has a community of supporters where you can search easily and access helpful information.

On the contrary, their questions are not understandable, customers’ support takes longer than expected for resolution, and lastly, their price is high; changed from fixed to subscription.

2- Udemy

This online platform is the second competitor. This platform is less or somewhat more open for online lessons. Still, they have a broader selection of courses available for selection. The price is paid per course rather than subscription as opposed to DataCamp. Although Udemy has many classes, their instructors are not vetted, as in the case of DataCamp. As a consequence, you might not get high-quality output at the end.

3- Coursera

Even though Coursera is organized with up-to-date topics, broad category and offers Upto masters degrees, they also got some setbacks. Moderation is not monitored enough resulting in criticism of other members. Study materials are not free anymore due to recent changes, and some causes exist only on a specific date compared to DataCamp.

4- Treehouse

The last is Treehouse through DataCamp, which is estimated to establish brand recognition more than Treehouse. However, DataCamp does not accept debit, credit, and international shipping policies where Treehouse specializes in offering discounts and promotions to members.

Job opportunities and Career Services

Job opportunities

There are so many job opportunities when you have analysis and data science skills. You might ask yourself why you should consider these careers. The reason is simple; the industry is fast-growing, there a room for advancement, yet there are averagely high salaries. These careers might range from business intelligence analyst, data engineer, generally analysts, and so many more. However, be ready to handle messy data as well as programming itself might be tough at first.

Career services and job placement

The DataCamp curricula are perfect for fresh to data science clients and those who want to broaden their skill sets or adjust their career options.

If you want to be directed in the appropriate path, skill, or career track, aspects are a good place to start. These can advise on the best learning skills path and gain expertise for your future data science career. Experts coordinated and classified the courses, so you can rest assured that everything you learn is relevant.

Good for students

DataCamp for a classroom has a lot of advantages for learners. They can choose from more than 270 courses to learn by participating in DataCamp’s interactive coding classes. Even with a smartphone app, learners can code on the go.

Good for teachers

Educators can use DataCamp for the classroom to obtain their group functionalities. Teachers keep meticulous records of their students’ advancement. Teachers can swiftly see how many XP points their students have earned, how many chapters and courses they’ve completed.


Instead of certification, DataCamp provides a free statement of accomplishment. You can add it to your Job description now that you have it. An industry expert in the field of data science recognizes the certs.

As the best MOOC for coding, they feel proud in maintaining their courses up to date and pertinent. To keep up with current analytics and data science, they exponentially expand their online data educational activities.

Is DataCamp worth it?

The best Mooc platform for learning coding, data science, and any online course is DataCamp. If you want to improve your data science and analytical abilities, DataCamp is the best alternative. To get the most out of your online learning, follow and complete its career path.

It does, however, provide a free certificate of achievement, which is not attributed.

Enjoy DataCamp for their:

  • Motivation with the point system,
  • Expert instructors
  • Engaging and interactive lessons
  • Beginners’ causes
  • Free video and causes materials,

They also have the best offers on their top-notch yet supreme quality work against a reasonable price. Act now and enroll in this best Mooc for data science for free. They currently have offers on their premium subscriptions off 33%.

100% Free DataCamp Courses

DataCamp for 100% Free
You can enroll in select DataCamp coding lessons for 100% free. Hurry up and take advantage of free courses while they are still around!

DataCamp Tracks

Track learning programs are available from the DataCamp platform. There are 51 programs on the skills track, such as python programming, and 14 on the career track.




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Pros and Cons




Are you interested in these web data science programs? Make a decision. However, you’re likely eager to be taught data science. This review has elucidated everything you ought to know concerning DataCamp, the best Mooc platform if you’re prepared to take online courses.

Although DataCamp has its drawbacks, they are no longer a concern. The website provides critical, up-to-date courses that are required for starting a new analytic as well as a data science professional life.

So, DataCamp is the full-stack data science as well as the analytic online class provider you need. Data science is taking the world by storm, learn data science skills today and apply them tomorrow.

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Is DataCamp good for learning?
Courses at DataCamp are excellent for learning. They’re not only advanced but they’re also presented in a palatable, easy-to-understand format that’s especially useful for beginners. DataCamp is a good option for people of all skill levels who want to improve their skills or start a new career.

Is DataCamp the best option for learning Python?
Python is a powerful programming language, and the best part is that it’s a great place to start if you’re new to programming. On DataCamp, you can learn Python with even more hands-on activities by using a browser code editor. However, it does not cost a pen that DataCamp instructs Python further in the context of analytics and data science than general programming.

Will it be worth it if I pay for DataCamp?
It’s entirely up to you. While they believe that DataCamp courses are worthwhile, you’ll find numerous review of DataCamp that asserts that the lessons are unlikely to be worth the price. However, there is yet another exception to the rule: if you are a beginner.

DataCamp is a good investment for beginners because the courses are brief enough to get a thorough introduction. Or else, you might be better off using a different online learning platform.

Does DataCamp have a free account for students?
If you want to use DataCamp in your educational setting, there is only one membership option: the DataCamp for Students design. This plan is made possible by collaboration with GitHub Education. When you sign up for the service with your GitHub account set up for students, you will have three months to access it free.

Are DataCamp qualifications recognized?
So if you take DataCamp classes, you will not receive an accredited certificate. After completing the course, you will receive a statement of accomplishment. While many companies see credibility and certifications as proof that you’ve put in the time and effort to develop your skills, they do not acquiesce to university credit or something similar.

Are DataCamp certificates recognized?
DataCamp qualifications are well worth the money. DataCamp certifications, like other certs, will help you demonstrate that you can perform some computing and data mining algorithms. When you’re looking for work, they can be useful to include on your CV.

Does the certificate offered at DataCamp have an expiry date?
A DataCamp certificate does not have an expiry date, though there may be times when you cannot access this confirmation letter. To access a certificate, for example, you must accomplish all of the courses on a path.