Python Data Type Exercises

Exercise 3-a

Let's check out a simple integer example.

You can simply assign a number to the variable men_stepped_on_the_moon by typing it on the left side of the equal sign and the number on the right side of it. 

Although this list didn’t include any woman so far, this might be about to change as Nasa announced there will certainly be a woman on its 2024 moon mission Artemis. The project is expected to cost $30 billion and you can read more about it here. )

Number on the right side doesn’t have to be in quotes.

men_stepped_on_the_moon = 12 

(this is the correct number but you can put any number for the purpose of this exercise. So far in our history only 12 men had the privilege to walk on the surface of the moon. 

Exercise 3-b

Now a string example.

As this is a string variable. Whatever you’d like to type will have to be inside quotes.

my_reason_for_coding = "Programming robots."